CQ Original Artwork to inspire you and your crystal creations

Date Posted:5 October 2017 

Inspirational Artwork from CQ Designer Emma Jenner


Emma here, Crystal Queen co-owner and designer.

While running a small business can be very exciting, it is also very intensive. It's important to take breaks so that you can recharge your creative energy and be re-inspired by the environment around you. 

 And how do I re-charge? By drawing!

I have been able to find some time to sit in a quiet space, and be re-inspired by colour, texture shape and of course: sparkles. I, by no means, consider myself an artist, but I am happy to share my drawings in the hope that they will inspire your own creations!!

My drawings are very simple, I am inspired by: pin up art, the female form, stage and dancewear. And, of course, I use crystals as a means of showing the various possibilities with the products we sell! 

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xx Emma 

1. Dreaming in Pink : Swarovski Flatback crystals: Light Rose

2. Blue Bunny : DMC Shadow crystals and Fancy heart shaped stones 

3. Can you Deal with this much Jonquil?  Swarovski Jonquil crystals

4. Sensual Greens : DMC Light Peridot and Fancy stones 

5. Don't get swept away by these DMC Light Colorado Topaz and Swarovski Rose crystals 

 Crystal Queen Australia Light Rose Swarovski Crystals   Crystal Queen Australia DMC Shadow crystals and Fancy Stones     Crystal Queen Australia Swarovski Jonquil crystals    Crystal Queen Australia DMC Light Peridot crystals and Fancy stones    Crystal Queen Australia DMC Light Colorado Topaz and Swarovski Light Rose crystals



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