Melissa Donnely wears Crystal Queen and BSB at ICN Qld Miss Athletica & Wins!

Author: Crystal Queen - Lindsay   Date Posted:22 May 2017 

We have begun collaborating with Lyn Berigan at Body Shaping Basics as we've started offering a one-stop-shop service for girls needing competitionwear and stagewear.


What a week! 

We love Lyn's designs and their quality and she has given us some samples to fit clients at CQ Headquarters. Otherwise, girls can have their BSB orders sent onto us for BLINGING with dazzling Swarovski and DMC rhinestone crystals. 

This week we had an urgent order for Melissa Donnely as she was competing on the weekend for the ICN Qld Miss Athletica titles. Mel is a Personal Trainer on the Sunshine Coast, an Ayurveda Natural Medicine Consultant, lifestyle consultant and a nutrition specialist. So, as you may imagine, she's super fit and super gorgeous and needed an outfit to match. . 

Working with Lyn, we made the bespoke design and posted it on Tuesday, arriving at CQ late on Wednesday. We embellished it with hotfix, flatback rhinestone crystals and had it in the post on Thursday, arriving at Mel's on Friday in time for the weekend competition.   

How did it happen? 

Firstly, Mel, ICN competitor (and epic babe) gave us her ideas and the swimsuit  .

Secondly, we sketched up a design and a quote for approval.

Next, we worked our magic with a selection of rhinestone crystals

And finally, Mel worked hers at ICN QLD, taking 3rd place in the red swimsuit, as well as 1st place in the First Timer Bikini Division and 4th place in the Runway Division - Well Done Mel !

You can follow mel @meljade_nirvanalife 


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