New Lace Products Launched & Inspiration from the catwalk

Date Posted:5 April 2018 

We are so happy to have launched our new line of lace appliques.!

We have been lucky to find some really unique styles that can be used across many different types of craft/costume projects, including: dancewear , fashion and accessories. 

Our particular favourites are the "vintage-style" and hand-embroidered pieces - click here to see them

We have put together a little collage of inspiration for you and some links for some great write-ups for the use of embroidery and lace applique's on the catwalks! - Reasons to give embroidery a try - Embroidery on Point 

And OUR FAVOURITE: - Fashion Trend Embroidery 

Embroidery may have made its' come back in 2016...but its definately here to stay ..(for 2018 at least)





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