Colour and Size Guides

Here you will find the colour charts for our Hotfix and Non hotfix crystals and a Size guide on how many crystals will fill a square inch. 

Size Guides - these are approximate. Sizes vary slightly between brands 

Crystal Queen Size Chart



Swarovski Crystal Hot Fix Colour Chart 

Swarovski Crystal Non Hot Fix Colour Chart




DMC Colour Chart - Regular Colours & AB

DMC Colour Chart - AB & Satin Finishes


We will soon be stocking a range of Fancy Stones! This is where we will post guides on colour, size and claws.

We will be offering a "Pre-order" promotion in the coming days. Please contact us if you are interested; prices to follow shortly.  

CQ Fancy Stone Colour Guide 

The colours are separated to give an indication of price. This is consistent in our flatback pricing as some colours cost more to produce.